Our mission is to serve theatre groups and audiences all across North Carolina. We appreciate your efforts and we want to work with you to maximize your exposure and success!

In order to serve you best, we need your help:

  1. Please email audition notices and special items that you want posted on our site to jay@jnctg.com
  2. or to use our Audition Notice form click here.
  3. To post promotional listings for individual shows, click here. As a one-person volunteer organization, we have been overwhelmed and unable to keep up with demand for these services except by use of this form.
  4. We welcome submissions of all kinds: articles, reviews, fund-raising event announcements, whatever you wish to submit. However, we regret that we are no longer able to publish these on a regular basis. We try to use as much material as possible, however we reserve the right to edit material and to use submitted materials only at our discretion.
  5. We need your feedback, comments and suggestions. Let us know what you like (and don't like) about our site, what you think would make it better and how you'd like for us to enhance your group's presence here.
  6. If your theatre group has a web presence, please consider adding a link back to JNCTG on your web site.
  7. This is an all-volunteer effort. There are no charges or fees.

Please submit items as far in advance as possible.

Please feel free to add us to your mailing list:

5313 Old Forge Cr
Raleigh, NC 27609

but please email us with items that you want posted, realizing that we are only able to use a limited number of the submissions we receive due to a lack of resources and personpower.

please send email to: jay@jnctg.com

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